How to promote your SaaS without being an ass?

22 June 2022 ยท Updated 27 August 2022

I'm not that good at marketing and sales so I'm not quite sure how to talk about my startup without being an ass. I mean, I want people to know about it, but I don't want to come across as pushy or annoying. I'm afraid they might get sick of me real fast? What should I do, any advice?


There’s several things to remember when promoting your SaaS without coming off as an ass:

  1. Always provide value when promoting.
  2. Build in public and share your journey. The Ups and Downs.
  3. Participate in online communities. Be authentic and not always in the “sales mode”.

Providing value to users

When promoting your product, it’s important to remember that you need to provide value to people. If you’re just pushing your product without giving anything in return, people will see through it and won’t trust you. However, if you focus on providing helpful information and useful content, people will be more likely to trust you and check out what you have to offer. So always keep the focus on providing value, and promote your product in a way that is respectful and helpful to others.

Building in public

Building in public is a great way to promote your product or startup. By sharing your journey with others, you can build trust and credibility, and people will be more likely to check out what you have to offer. It’s also a great way to get feedback and connect with potential customers or clients. So if you’re looking for ways to promote your product, building in public is definitely a strategy worth considering.

There are many benefits for building in public as a promotion mechanism:

1. You build credibility by sharing your journey with others. People relate to others who share their ups and downs. When they see that you are authentic and put your heart and soul into the product, they will want to buy it.

2. Direct connection with potential customers. You can share what you’re building and people will respond immediately if they find it cool or useless.

3. Potential partnerships. Not only will you get feedback from the clients, but also people who have built other SaaS solutions will notice you and approach to discuss different ways of integrations.

Participating in online communities

Online communities are great. By participating in conversations and being helpful, you can reach a lot of people and build trust and credibility. Additionally, you can connect with potential customers or clients and learn more about what they’re looking for. Have a discussion with them, see what they say about your product. Be open and authentic.

Ways to participate in online communities:

  1. Share your story on IndieHackers.
  2. Post on Reddit regular updates about your product.
  3. Participate in the comment section on Reddit.
  4. Share your product on HackerNews and ProductHunt.
  5. Share your progress on Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn or other social media
  6. Join specialized Forums and become the go-to person there.

There are many ways to promote your product without coming across as pushy or arrogant. By providing value, building in public, and participating in online communities, you can reach a lot of people and build trust and credibility. So don’t be afraid to promote your product – just make sure you do it in a way that is respectful and helpful to others.

Have fun promoting your SaaS, you can also share what you build in the comments below.

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