⛳ Moving Forward in times of uncertainty

07 March 2022 · Updated 12 August 2022

The last weeks are the worst I’ve seen in my life, and it’s unclear what the world will look like when this all ends. It’s the same uncertainty as with the pandemic but on a different level.

Every day I wake up and read the news to see if there’s more aggression coming or if the sovereign country of Ukraine still stands.

It’s scary, but we all have to deal with the coming day. And I’d like to share with you the things I’m doing to keep my thoughts straight and not lose focus amidst this chaos.

 🤖 I stick to my routine to stay grounded—day in - Day Out. I have a list of things that I do every day, and I try to maintain it with a schedule. This makes me feel like I have some control over my life, and I know that I’m moving forward bit by bit if I stick to my habits.

🏞️ Fresh air and mindfulness. I go for walks to recharge myself and try to be in the moment. These short trips do wonders for inspiring calm and tranquility. I listen to some podcasts about things that interest me and try not to consume negative news.

📰 I try to limit my consumption of news. When the war started, I consumed Telegram Channels 24/7, barely distinguishing fake news from factual information. It did not help my mental health as I was constantly under stress from all the happening. It was adding fuel to the fear and uncertainty about the future.

Since then, I’ve unsubscribed from all the channels and read the news in a single block per day. The outside world will always be there.

🪡 I try to remember that moving the needle is enough. Doing something in this crisis is already better than doing nothing. There are so many messages out there “you should be doing this, or you should be doing that.” I think everyone does as much as they can, and every little bit counts.

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